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Looking for best quality items with good prices

Why buy on Skeelfully Marketplace :
  • Order are guaranteed by Skeelfully Marketplace
  • Item with mastered price but good quality
  • Purchase with paypal easily and securelly
  • Price transparency, no additional surcharge

Guaranteed order

Skeelfully marketpalace help you in your purchases and ensures serenity and tranquility during your experience on our platform. Purchases are garenteed until 100 euro per order. If you like a item buy it, we insure that seller deliver an item identical to the description. If the item is faulty or not as described request Seller to do corrections or modifications. If you are always not satisfied, report as the probleme with the "report probleme" link on Order page. Please specify exactly what is wrong with the item. If the item is faulty or not as described, we will issue a refund. Other cases may prompt you to ask for a cancellation of the purchase or request a refund (as seller never delivered), we will process your case carefully and we will ensure as far as possible to give you satisfaction. Given the nature of digital purchases, we can decide to do a partial refund.

Guarantee Conditions

However, the following conditions apply so that you can expect to benefit from the purchase guarantee:
  • The purchase must be made on our platform. Purchases you made directly with the vendors outside our platform are not garented by Skeelfully.
  • The purchase is the same as the description of the item offered by the vendor. If you request a item or service different from the description we can not garenteed it.
  • You informed Seller on what is faulty and request correction but you are always insatisfied.
  • After analysis of the case can decide to refund only part of nsaids amount and the other party will pay to the author,
Warranties : Do not give any sensitive information for Seller like password, card number etc. Any use of such information by a seller are not gareented by This marketplace. Skeelfully can not be held responsible for malicious action or causing damage done by a Seller on sensitive information that you have provided.

How to purchase

  1. Browse the marketplace :

    On Skeelfully marketplace you will notice that there are many different item type. You can find a item from homepage item list or search through categories and sub-categories from main navigation.

    Once you’ve found a item that suits your needs, make sure you read item description and see item informations on the right side. Also see and read comments of other buyers at the bottom of the page.

  2. Add to card or buy immediately the founded item

    Once you are sure the item suits your needs, two ways are possibles :

    • Add to card button: on the right side use "add to card" button and add the selected item to your cart for checkout. If you do not have an account then you can create your account on the shopping cart page.
    • Buy Now button : on the right side use "Buy Now" button and buy immediatelly the selected item and proceed to checkout.

    Note : Sellers can propose option for their item. Select one or more option before clicking on "add to card" or "Buy Now" botton.

  3. Checkout :

    Once you are ready to checkout, press the "Buy Now", you will be redirected to PayPal to checkout secereelly.

  4. Give instruction for the seller

    For most item, you have to give instruction to seller to feet your need. You might need to choose a color, logo or other specific things.

    To do this, use the message box on the bottom of your order's page. You can attach file with your message like logo, model or other file.

  5. The item is dilevered by the seller

    Author, after doing the requested job, sent you the item by a message on the Order's page.

  6. You validate the delivery

    If the item deliverd is ok for you you validate it by using "Validate" botton on the right side of order's page.

    Else send a message to the seller and specify exactly what is wrong with the item. Request a modification and use "I d'ont validate" button on the right side of order's page.

  7. The transaction is closed by the seller

    If you are satisfied of the item and Validate it, the author can close the transction by now.

Buyer FAQs

How purchaches are Guaranteed ?

When you purchace a item, the amount you paied is not reverced to seller until the item is delivered and you validate that it is as described. If there is a probleme on the delivery you are refended. Please see the garentee page to know more.

What I have to do when I'm not satisfied of a purchased item ?

First inform seller and request corrections or modifications. Be sure you describe correctely what does not working to ensure a rapid correction.

If you are alwaiys not satisfied and at any time, report as the problem with the "report probleme" link. Please specify exactly what is wrong with the item. If the item is faulty or not as described, we will issue a refund. Given the nature of digital purchases, we can decide to do a partial refund.

Can I cancel a transaction ?

If buyer are not yet accept transaction you can cancel it. Else you have to request buyer to cancel before start working on your transaction.

What payment methods are accepted ?

We accept PayPal and you can also use any major credit card via PayPal.